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Teaching Philosophy

The teaching at Watersong Music begins with asserting the joy of making music, then fostering
The understanding that music begins with a simple sound that we like and then being able to recreate it at will. This can be plucking a guitar string and hearing the warm resonates, or holding long note on a piano, or tapping a steady heartbeat tempo on a drum. This approach allows a child or anyone brand new to the process to feel like they are already on common ground with someone who has been playing for a lifetime.

For someone who has spent time playing and developing a style, just come in and start playing. In this process, the skills and habits of the experienced student can be accessed, so that changes can be suggested and improvements made.

All instruments are welcome at Watersong Music. Putting a student in ensemble is the primary goal, and I believe that learning on your instrument can happen in the effort to be in tune and in sync with someone else.